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360 Sustainable specializes in the Design, Engineering & Construction of Custom Manufactured “prefab” Buildings. Solutions that achieve up to
50% time savings, at a competitive cost. These can be Modular, or Panelized in nature. They can also be pre-cut erector kits, or hybrids of several
prefabrication systems. They can be off-grid, and incorporate passive solar design. Superior Energy Efficiency is a standard key-ingredient.

~The best solution is driven by many factors. What makes the most sense for your situation? What is most important to you?

Let's sit down, and obtain a clear view of your individual goals. Based on that ‘mix’ we will Design a Customized solution. We look at every angle;
Personal preferences, Site Factors, business goals, governmental agency requirements, local climate, time, and cost.
We can accommodate a variety of styles, building types, and clients  -
let's discuss your needs...
With a global mind-set, and the aid of modern technology, we continuously refine our Sustainable solutions. We like to look around 360
degrees to sustain on-going innovation. We deliver Custom Manufactured Building Solutions that meet your specific needs, and that integrate
the best, and latest technology.

We look forward to meeting you! + 1 (415) 228-9884  I   info@360sustainable.com
All- around sustainable solutions...
We strive to incorporate the latest building
technology & materials in our manufactured
buildings. We favor materials that can be 70-90%
recycled at the end of a building's life cycle, such as

We feel it is important to look beyond the use of
sustainable construction materials & methods alone.

True sustainability is achieved only if it is continuous
throughout a building's life cycle. For this reason, we
incorporate off-grid systems, and passive solar design
whenever we can.
Save up to 50% in time & lower your utility bill
with steel structural insulated panels (SIPs)
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Photography by Sonny Albertson
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Photography by Sonny Albertson
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360 Sustainable  
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Why 360 Sustainable?

custom prefabricated solutions | design excellence | time savings   
budget control | competitive cost | consistent quality
reduced risk | green by design | pioneers in prefabrication
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Are you ready for the New 2019 California Energy Code?
All new Residential Construction is required to be Zero Net Energy (ZNE) by 2020
A ZNE building is an Energy efficient building where, on a source energy basis, the actual consumed
energy is less than or equal to the on-site renewable generated energy.

~ Our Prefabricated Building Solutions can help you meet the new requirements